Brands We Serve

Some of the best known food product organisations prefer to source wheat products from us.

Direct Distribution Network and speedy Client Service Teams to ensure impeccable quality
In 2004, we decided that a key task of distribution was to bring us closer to the customer. Moving away from conventional commodity traders, we began to develop a sales and distribution system dedicated to our products, our customers and their needs.

Company owned depots were set up across geographies, to which selected distributors were assigned. Through organic growth and adaptations aligned with market and business goals, the distribution system evolved into a strong network of Appointed Distributors. Today we have over 60 Appointed Distributors in Delhi, and a growing number across the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

As we deepened our understanding of strategic marketing needs, we reinforced our channels for direct selling to institutional and larger customers. A full-fledged Sales Organization was instituted within the company to improve the DFM experience. Today, highly trained and knowledgeable Client Servicing Teams drive the sales process at DFM. These teams, assigned to specific Depots, are divided into Flour Customer Servicing Teams and Retail Customer Servicing Teams, and comprise of Area Sales Managers, each with teams of Supervisory Staff and Pilot Sales Representatives.

The Client Servicing Teams bring many powerful firsts and advantages to DFM’s customers:

  • Direct selling to the institutional buyers helps in delivering the appropriate high quality product at the right time, and keeping a close tab of the customers’ needs and feedback.
  • The teams have a customer oriented approach and extend the current schemes and discounts directly to the customers.
  • Since the teams are highly trained and technically knowledgeable, they can resolve issues and provide answers to all customer queries directly.
  • There is first-hand knowledge of how much and what is being bought by customers.
  • A Direct Sales Network eliminates dependency on external factors and also helps build stronger relationships with customers.

Our Customer care Number : 1800119920