Brands We Serve

Some of the best known food product organisations prefer to source wheat products from us.

Procuring the finest quality of wheat through a unique network of dedicated buying agents
Our procurement process is built on two critical components - a Supply Chain comprising of a network of Dedicated Buying Agents and the 100% Wheat Testing System.

Since the origin and quality of the procured wheat has a direct bearing on the quality of the final product, DFM has put in place an all-encompassing quality maintenance and detection system. Our commitment to quality begins where the wheat is grown, in the lushest agricultural pockets of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan. Over the years, we have identified the wheat-growing areas which deliver the most consistent quality harvest after harvest, and developed a network of over 120 dedicated buying agents to help us procure this grain

These specialised agents procure the finest wheat in accordance with the strict quality guidelines and standards of DFM. Our extensive quality detection system tests the wheat from every bag of wheat we buy. Not a single bag gets transferred to our factory or our warehouses unless it is clear on all the parameters on which we examine it:

  • Moisture, weight and soundness of the grain;
  • Absence of impurities;
  • Damage by infestation or weather.

Wheat is harvested only once a year, in April. At this time, our network of agents and warehouses helps us build up a massive inventory of wheat. This buffer enables us to protect our customers from variations in quality and wild fluctuations of prices in commodity markets. At the same time, since this wheat is stored in warehouses managed by us, we are able to ensure the most hygienic and sanitary conditions for our grain.