Brands We Serve

Some of the best known food product organisations prefer to source wheat products from us.

World-class technology to deliver the finest quality to our customers
The finest flour
At every level of our operations, Delhi Flour Mills leverages the world’s best technology to maintain the highest quality standards. Designed and supplied by European leaders in flour-milling, the plant that produces our high quality maida and fine flour products is geared towards consistency, reliability and quality.

The most wholesome atta
Kanak whole-meal atta, on the other hand, is produced on a custom-designed plant. Our soft, moist, fluffy chappatis and phulkas are traditionally made from whole wheat ground in stone chakkis. These mills turned out atta that was well-suited to the chappati; one drawback, though, is that, in grinding the wheat, the stone also gets ground down, and some of the stone finds its way into the atta. Our flour-millers and engineers designed a plant to produce an atta that has all the culinary properties of chakki-atta, but none of the disadvantages of a primitive process.

The cleanest grain
Whether for our attas, maidas, or sooji, all DFM products are cleaned by a multi-stage dry technology. Combinators segregate heavier and lighter components of wheat to remove the chaff, and even more critically, stones. Using advanced mechanical scourers, we scrub away any impurities that have adhered to the surface of the wheat, whether dirt, mud, or pesticides. Clean, high-quality wheat is the essential starting point for our milling.

State of the art R&D
A very important part of the testing and quality control mechanisms put in place by DFM is a state-of-the-art laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with extremely sophisticated testing and R &D equipment, including a Hendry Simon Colour Grader, and Rheological Testing Capabilities that help us understand how different grades of flour will behave when being cooked or baked. Our laboratory also houses a fully functioning mini-mill, which enables us to conduct extensive research with different varieties of wheat and their blends, to test final products for specific applications and qualities, and to assist our customers with real-time testing of product innovations and new product development.

DFM has effectively and extensively used technology and machinery to fulfill its single-minded commitment to delivering the highest quality products to its customers.