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Some of the best known food product organisations prefer to source wheat products from us.

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Stag - Super Patent
Drawn from the toughest part of the wheat kernel, and milled to a fine, white texture, this flour is especially suited to traditional snacks which are deep fried. Leading halwais use our Super Patent maida to make the crispiest samosas, the crunchiest kachoris, the puffiest bhaturas, and the most melting balushais.

Stag - Patent
A fine flour, with an extremely light colour, Stag Patent is our largest selling label. It has long been the maida of choice for a large number of bakeries and halwais , whether in the largest metros or the smallest towns. Patent maida works extremely well for a wide range of products, including bread, buns, samosas, kachoris, and matthis.

Stag - MPM (Multi Purpose Maida)
Stag MPM is suited to the preparation of a wide range of bakery products, whether buns, bread, or rusk biscuits. It is widely used in the preparation of noodles and other fine wheat-based products.

Stag - Maida
This maida is highly extensible, which makes it well-suited for noodles, and ‘chaaps’. For several decades, it has been the favourite maida for countless bakeries, halwais , noodle manufacturers and chaap sellers.