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Some of the best known food product organisations prefer to source wheat products from us.

Impeccable raw materials meet stringent quality standards to create atta for every need.
Stag - Super Fine Atta
This extra-white, finely ground atta is uniquely suited to making the best roomali rotis and khamiri rotis. This makes it the atta of first choice for specialised hotels and restaurants across the cities and towns of northern India.

Stag - Special Atta
Dhabas in the National Capital Region and in cities and towns of North India have long been a growing customer base for Stag Special Atta. They find its texture and white colour ideally suited to the tandoori rotis that are the mainstay of their cuisine.

Stag - Atta
Stag Atta is a popular choice not just for dhabas, but also for restaurants and hotels which serve a variety of rotis with Mughlai and North Indian food

Kanak - Whole Wheat Atta
Kanak Whole Wheat atta is specially crafted to produce the soft, fluffy rotis that are essential to every household meal in north India. Though a relatively new label of Delhi Flour Mills, it is now our flagship brand, and embodies 100 years of experience in procuring and processing wheat into products that are designed to satisfy the most discriminating customers - in this case, the housewife.

Kanak atta is sold in bulk packing (50kg bags) as well as in consumer packs of 5kg and 10kg.